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Who is Brego?

Edmund Janas, aka Brego, is an actor, writer and multimedia artist with over 30 years experience in acting, technology and art. Brego firmly believes that bias must be exposed at the micro and data level. His counterculture blog, explores trends at the intersection of tech, race and culture. He is currently developing, the Trend Intelligence Web App. Brego is also battling the Veterans Administration (VA) and big medicine as a Pro Se Litigant Appellant in Boston's 1st District Federal Court, seeking justice for his father, a Double Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster WWII veteran who died in 2017 due to VA negligence and cover-up.  By his efforts, he is working tirelessly to assure better treatment of elders, soldiers and the disabled. Brego is a member of SAG/AFTRA and identifies as a black mixed man (biracial) and has long been involved in civil and human rights efforts from curating a 24 artist charity concert and art show at MIT to working with top colleges and firms in Washington, DC. and MA, including MIT, Ketchum PR, Arthur Anderson, Intel and The World Bank, both as a consultant and designer. In 2017 he suffered injury and battled Lyme disease, and has battled depression. Besides working on the First District Court case, he is now focusing on writing his memoirs, has two film projects in development and will be working to secure and assure equal, diverse and inclusive spaces within the metaverse. 

“This life wasn't by design, but when you get lemons...make lemonade a facial too while you're at it.” - Brego


Speak truth...without apology.

Many of my stories aim to deconstruct race and racism, my aim is also to raise awareness about climate change and to bring about reforms for the better treatment of animals. I write stories with self-determined female leads and strive to give voice to the LGBTQ+ community by way of fully-realized LGBTQ+ characters. You can read my short stories here.
I am currently in predevelopment for the The Keepers, a feature-length animated vampire film set in Western, Massachusetts. It is an allegorical tale about corporate vampirism. The Keepers is also a story about making the wrong choices in life and having the courage to change when the stakes are high.
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