Edmund J. Janas, II

Who is that masked man? It's CatDaddy, AKA Brego. My name is Edmund J. Janas, II, and I am the owner of Brego.com. I'm a writer, actor, artist, and director who is passionate about animal rights and the environment. I am also a soon-to-be producer.

I hope you'll follow me on Facebook or Instagram, where I advocate for patient rights, including end-of-life rights for elders, veterans, and the disabled. I'm a former long-term caregiver, so I know firsthand the importance of these issues.
I realize that if I want to live my best life, I need to share parts of myself that I might not be comfortable with. I need to write about my thoughts and experiences as a BIPOC person, because I can't be complicit in a system that knowingly hurts others.
At this moment in time, I must speak out as an intersectional person. I identify as mostly cis presenting, mostly white presenting non-binary male. I am also interracial, mostly white and/or latino presenting black person, or racially ambiguous. My story will only make sense if the full context is known.
I would never hide a detail or a fact from my readers that they would need to know to understand my story. But it's both a journey and a trauma to turn ones personal life inside out for the sake of context. Some are lucky enough to avoid that part.

I don't always want to share everything, but I'm working on being more open. This is key to making change happen. If I want to be honest and make a difference, I need to give all the details and context. Someday I won't be here anymore, and I want what I do now to matter for future generations.

Maybe I can help someone avoid the pain and damage the medical system has done to them and their family. Maybe I can help fix a racially oppressive and misogynist system.

Perhaps if I share my experiences of being objectified or excluded from conversations, people will begin to see the issue from my perspective and change their behavior. The problem is big, and I honestly don't know if anything I do will have an impact.

I have my detractors on all sides, who seek to nullify my experience as invalid. For I am not black enough for some, not white enough for others. I am not "manly" enough for some, nor queer enough for others.

I believe that by sharing my experiences and using platforms like Brego.com and Trendsetic, I can make a difference in the world.

It's important for me to speak my truth today, because tomorrow isn't guaranteed for anyone.

On the Environment

There are two types of calamities: those that have already happened, and those that have not yet happened. Disasters can be mitigated or even averted if we are proactive.  


At Brego.com, we feel a strong sense of duty to protect our environment and the species we share Earth with. We believe that nothing is more important than safeguarding our drinking water from pollution and preserving insect populations.


As CEO of Brego.com, I prioritize human rights, animal rights, and environmental protection.


We need to work together and take care of our planet if we want to have anything worthwhile. True creativity cannot flourish when we are just trying to survive. We will only be able to create a pale imitations of life if we don't work together.

Fellow Visionaries and Believers

People generally need evidence to believe in something. However, this is not how the creative process works.


I believe we are in a transitional period where people are embracing creativity as the lifeline of humanity. But old paradigms must die off so that new ones can take hold.

Speak truth...without apology.

Many of my stories aim to deconstruct race and racism, my aim is also to raise awareness about climate change and to bring about reforms for the better treatment of animals. I write stories with self-determined female leads and strive to give voice to the LGBTQ+ community by way of fully-realized LGBTQ+ characters. You can read my short stories here.
I am currently in predevelopment for the The Keepers, a feature-length animated vampire film set in Western, Massachusetts. It is an allegorical tale about corporate vampirism. The Keepers is also a story about making the wrong choices in life and having the courage to change when the stakes are high.
You can donate here or you can become a patron here to support my vision of a world where equality and a clean environment is an attainable reality.

You can also support me by purchasing my NFT art on Opensea and on Rarible