First New England...then the world.

As of Sept 20th, we have reached out to Red List and several other environmental sites and agencies to assist with merging trends, shopping and environmental protection into one site. We feel that by trending endangered species, we can help raise their profile within the hearts and minds of the masses. Think of "Trendsetic Species" as Google Trends meets Red List meets Ebay.  Right now Brego has an urgent need for a Product Specialist "Quant" to volunteer to help our project. We also are in need of a Web Security Specialist, and any other Web Hosting Company who would be willing to help. 

We are not a charity or non-profit but we hope, in the next few months to create a subset of Trendsetic called "Trendsetic Species". We are working our way to profitablity. If Trendsetic proves viable, we will explore which percentages to donate under "Trendsetic Species. But before then we must answer a myriad of other questions, from security and best practices to depth and breadth of our offering. That said, even the best intentions can often have unintended consequences. So we are looking to partner with Scientists, Universities and Colleges, Zoos and others who are committed to saving species.


Our plan is to gain support from environmental agencies, it is our hope that we can put a face and a name to every one of the 1 Million endangered species. Agencies are reluctant, and there seems to be resistance to commercializing (in a good way) any effort to create a commercial site with this information. We believe this is not helpful. Our vision is to have people "adopt" an endangered species, and when they shop, they will be made aware of the companies that are working to help the plants, insects, and animals that make our world habitable. 


We believe there must be an alliance between non-profits and commercial sites in order to move the needle. For now...our tool is very rudimentary. We are working with one designer and freelance talent. So return often and shop here as it takes money to develop.  Ultimately we want to engage the public through the use of cultural traits...or trends. To give them a sense that they are helping. And to that end, once we integrate wildlife into our site, we will be donating a sizable portion of Trendsetic Species proceeds to boots-on-the-ground preservation efforts. 

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