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Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

We’ll be working ’round the clock to bring you the Spring Lookbook. It’s sure to blow your pants off! Get inspired by street style in Spring and Summer 2021. Keep an eye on deep discounts from luxury brands and mix and match prints and colors. Go for pastel shades. Talk to a stylist at your local department store and go over preventative clothing maintenance tips, because in this economy, things have to last.



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Shorter Shorts
Whether they be jean shorts, board shorts, cargo shorts, or even classic 501’s, you’ll want to take advantage of showing off your legs by wearing shorter shorts this season.


Neon Colors
The Neon-Nuance Of Summer: How The Bright Colors Are Trending For This Year’s Summer Wear: A blog about the latest fashion trends for Spring 2021.

Boho Look
Brego is a huge fan of boho fashion. Loose and flowy is right up my alley!  The best part about this trend is that it is super easy to style and can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s the perfect blend of edgy and comfortable. Whether you’re going out for a nice dinner or on a hike, boho chic has something for everyone. I’m so stoked about the spring that I can’t wait to try out these boho looks!

Sleeveless and Open Back
Sleeveless and open-backed clothing were the real winners of the spring 2021 fashion show. There are a lot of great sleeveless and open-backed items you can wear on days, nights, and weekends at parties. Wear this sleeveless and open-backed lean to the left side, and complete your look with strappy heels and a feminine purse.

Color Blocking
Color blocking in fashion is a trend that has been around for several seasons now. But it’s still going strong, coming in as a prominent trend during Spring 2021 fashion collections. In this article you’ll discover how to wear different types of color blocking on your body and what colors to choose.

Oh, sweater weather, how I miss thee. You can wear a white sweater in summer with some cutoffs — and a bright dress in Fall with a big floppy hat. Sweaters come in many different cuts and colors for all seasons and stages of life, for both men and women.


Watercolour prints
Here’s a great fashion trend coming our way in Spring 2021. Watercolor prints are a simple but stylish design technique that can be used to add a splash of color to your clothes and accessories. It’s easy to incorporate this trend into your outfit since watercolor-inspired print overlays are easily available in almost every size and shape.

Mesh clothing with metallic highlights
Brego predicts mesh clothing to pop this year, metal is a material that has expanded dramatically. Mesh clothing can be easily customized by its users and this will be one of the biggest trends in spring 2021. Yet another hottest trend of the upcoming season will be embossed long wear metallic fabrics with a slightly crinkled look around the details.

Satchel handbags
A satchel bag is an angled messenger bag which comes in many variations and materials. Examples of a satchel include: a classic black satchel or tan satchel, to a refined leather satchel with rhinestones, to a gray suede beauty, and even a red nylon backpack.

Longline coats
Longline coats have reached from catwalks to supermarket racks. Originally designed by Schott to protect the motorcycle riders during thunderstorms or heavy rain, this longline cover-up has been reinvented as a fashion item. The trend had been around for a couple of seasons already and mostly homed in on women’s wardrobe. This fall, men can take their chance to get involved into the trend.


Whether you love or hate stripes, this classic pattern will be a major trend this next spring season.


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